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Why we started offering a 4kg pick and mix bucket at Candy Obsession?

Candy Obsession specialises in providing premium quality sweets, packed to order and dispatched quickly.  We noticed that some of our customers were ordering multiple 1kg and 1.5kg pouches and also we were getting direct requests to offer sweets in a larger size.  We decided to launch our pick and mix 4kg bucket which to date has been a huge success.

Our 4kg pick and mix bucket gives you the option to select from our huge selection of premium pick and mix sweets so you can make a bucket filled with exactly the combination you choose.  You can choose all of our range or multiple selections of the same pick and mix sweet.

If you don’t wish to choose your own sweets then just select our premixed pouches as any of these are also available in the 4kg size?

We offer the following 4kg pick and mix premixed buckets:-

Fizzy mix, Non-Fizzy mix, Mixed mix, Vegan mix, Halal mix, Chocolate mix, Blue mix and Fruit mix

We chose buckets rather than pouches as we believe when you open up a 4kg pick and mix bucket it is easier to view all the contents than in a larger pouch.  We have had many requests for these buckets and people buy these for special occasions such as:-

  • Birthday parties
  • For the office
  • Baby showers
  • Grandparents for when the grandkids visit
  • Weddings-perfect for sweet carts/favours etc.
  • Gifts for that friend who loves pick and mix
  • A treat when on holiday or other special occasions
  • Anniversary-perfect sweet gift for the one you love

We also find that many of our customers love to order these 4kg pick and mix buckets as a gift that can be personalised and delivered straight to their loved ones door.  Our personalisation service is free of charge!

How to order?

Please either click on the link above or go to the Candy Obsession website and select pick and mix.  Then select the 4kg pick and mix option and select your sweets.  If you wish to choose a prefilled pouch then please go to the home page and select the pre mixed tab.  From there please go to checkout. 

Our 4kg pick and mix buckets mean that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home and also your sweets have not been touched by other people hands unlike on the high street.  These will then be delivered straight to your or your friend’s door to any UK address and you can order 24/7.  After your order is placed we pack your 4kg pick and mix wearing gloves, masks and hair nets and then wrap the bucket in bubble wrap and post your 4kg pick and mix out to you safely in a box.

As well as supplying premium quality pick and mix, freshly packed and delivered quickly we have great reviews and offer free delivery on all 4kg pick and mix buckets and free personalisation.  These 4kg pick and mix buckets genuinely are a sweet lover’s dream!  Why not order yours today from the UK number 1 pick and mix supplier using the link above?

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