Top Tips for Storing Pick and Mix Sweets

Everything tastes better when it’s fresh and pick and mix sweets are no exception to the rule. Although most sweets are made with sugar – a product that has a very long shelf life – they are also mixed with other ingredients, some which have a much shorter shelf life. This means that pick and mix can go out of date relatively quickly.

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How Long Does Pick and Mix Typically Last?

Most types of pick and mix have a shelf life between six and twelve months – this may vary depending on the type of product, its ingredients and the manufacturer.

Correct Storage and Packaging

How To Store Pick and Mix

In order to keep your pick and mix tasting fresh for as long as possible, it is important to ensure that they are stored correctly. A sealed bag or an airtight container will ensure that moisture does not enter the packaging and that the sweets are not exposed to the air causing them to dry out quicker and become stale. This also prevents contaminants and moisture from affecting the quality of the sweets. Our sweets are supplied with a reusable, sealed pouch for that very reason.

Where To Store Pick and Mix

Pick and mix should be stored in a cool, dry and dark environment away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat and humidity. If stored correctly, these sweets can retain their quality for several weeks, even months at a time. If they are exposed to the elements and fluctuating temperatures however, they will become dry and stale very quickly and lose their flavour. A cool cupboard or a pantry is the ideal place to store sweets.


Any sweets made using dairy products, fruits or nuts will have a shorter shelf life than other sweets made using refined sugar, corn syrup and artificial flavouring.

Storage Mixing

Avoid mixing your pick and mix with other types of sweets and chocolates – this will shorten the shelf life of all the products, especially when mixing with sweets with nuts or dairy.


Not all sweets are suitable for freezing and the same is true of pick and mix. Check with the guidelines on the packaging or ask the supplier if they are suitable for freezing. Although it is highly unlikely that pick and mix sweets are suitable for freezing.

Stale Sweets

If you have kept your sweets for a long time and are concerned that they may have spoiled, it is advisable to discard them and start again. Any changes to colour, texture or mould are all signs that your pick and mix is no longer safe for consumption.

The shelf life of a pick and mix will essentially depend on packaging, storage and their ingredients.

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Our Products

Our pick and mix sweets are supplied by leading manufacturers. Each pouch is picked to order to ensure optimum freshness and packed into reusable, heat sealed containers, allowing storage for longer periods of time.

During the packaging process, our staff use hair nets, face masks, gloves and pack the pick and mix using scoops for optimum hygiene – reducing the risk of contamination.

As soon as an online order is received, the fresh pick and mix is packaged straight into an air tight container and shipped to the customer; unlike a physical shop, we can assure our customers that sweets have not been previously handled or touched by other customers.

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