What does Pick and Mix sweets mean?


What does "pick and mix sweets" mean?


Pick and mix can apply to any selection of items where the customer is free to select from a large range and combine them together. The customer “picks” the items they require from a range and then “mix” them together in the bag or container.  This could be for any product but is widely used for pick and mix sweets.  Originally called pick and mix the famous example of pick and mix sweets on the high street was “Woolworths” which offered a large selection of sweets, normally in the entrance of its stores or close to the checkouts, until it went into administration in 2009.  The term pick n mix is then the American version of the term.

The advantage of a pick and mix selection is you or I as the customer can add exactly what we choose.  We could prefer modern sweets or retro sweets and can pick our own mix accordingly.  This means that we can purchase exactly the mix we want.  Normally the pick and mix sweets are sold by weight although some retailers now offer cartons which you can fill for a set price.  Here at Candy Obsession we always sell by weight as we believe that it is fairer to the customer as marshmallow based sweets are considerably lighter and so the customer would receive less sweets if we sold by volume alone.  The disadvantages however of the high street pick and mix is that in order to make them accessible the sweets are left out in containers that allow the air, dirt and germs to get to the sweets.  This means that the end customer ends up with sweets which are stale as well as unclean, especially when children have been touching the sweets and in some cases putting them back.  The other disadvantage is that often the sweets in high street retailers are from one brand only for the retailer’s convenience, this means that often the high quality brands are not sold in favour of cheaper brands of sweets which limits choice.


Pick and mix however is evolving with sweets now sold online by Candy Obsession which can be delivered straight to your door.  We can offer a large selection from all the main brands and pick each pouch to order.  All of our sweets are kept in air sealed containers and packed wearing gloves and hair nets.  This means that the sweet pouch that arrives at your door will be unique to yourself, fresh, contain premium brands and most importantly will not have been touched by “grubby hands” All orders are shipped same day as long as ordered before 3pm so the convenience of being able to order online and then sit back and wait for your selection to arrive is much preferable to buying from a physical shop also considering the disadvantages listed above.  Please check out our top rated google and trust pilot reviews to get a feel for our customer satisfaction levels.


Candy Obsession prides itself on offering premium sweets, freshly packed and promptly despatched straight to your door.  Please take a look at our website to check out our range of pick and mix and giant cables.  We also offer a range of dietary specific pick and mix too such as:-

  • Dairy Free pick and mix
  • Vegan Pick and mix
  • Vegetarian pick and mic
  • Gluten Free pick and mix

We also offer free personalisation on all pouches so you can order a unique sweet gift and send to a loved one with your own personal message.  Please also remember we offer free delivery on all orders over £20 too.


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