Why are online pick and mix sweets better?

Why are online pick and mix sweets better?

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Pick and mix sweets ordered online from Candy Obsession are better than pick and mix traditionally purchased from the high street as there is limited space available in a traditional shop. This means that either there is a limited range available that changes infrequently or a smaller shop where the sweets sit there for a long time deteriorating from sunlight through the window or through age.  In contrast an online pick and mix sweet shop such as Candy Obsession can offer a large range of pick and mix sweets that can be constantly changed to reflect new sweets released from the sweet manufacturers.  Also, these sweets are stored in airtight containers away from any direct sunlight so the sweets can be kept in pristine condition. Candy Obsession also orders only from premium sweet suppliers and we notice that often in the high street stores these are the cheaper, lower quality pick and mix sweets. These still can look nice but the taste isn’t as good. 

Ordering pick and mix sweets online from Candy Obsession also means that you don’t have to go out to the shops and instead can order from your home or on the move on your mobile, at your convenience. Also, this can be at any time of day as we do not close like a traditional shop so an order can be placed at any time convenient to yourself. Candy Obsession as well as selling pick and mix sweets also offers long cable sweets which are often inconvenient to store in a traditional store due to their length.

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We maintain optimum freshness by ensuring we have regular deliveries from suppliers ensuring sweets are not stored for a long time, as well as making sure the containers are only opened as the sweets are packed into our top quality resealable pouch which will then be opened by yourself when it arrives at your home.  We are also able to ensure that the sweets have never been touched by other people’s hands as our sweets go straight from airtight containers using gloves and scoops to your pouch. This is unlike in a high street store where children often pick up sweets change their mind and put them back.

Candy Obsession offers same day despatch in most instances so the sweets will arrive promptly at your door.  Remember of course that these can also be ordered as a gift and sent to any UK address. We are able to also keep our prices competitive as we do not have to pay rent etc. for our store so can pass these savings on to yourself in the form of competitive costs and higher quality sweets.

Candy Obsession consistently supplies premium quality pick and mix sweets and we believe our customers are satisfied which is reflected in our top quality reviews on Trust pilot and Google. We hope that after reading this blog you can appreciate why pick and mix sweets ordered online are much better and we look forward to supplying you with you order.

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