Why we started offering pick and mix sweets!

Why we started offering pick and mix sweets

We originally setup Candy Obsession to offer premixed pouches of pick and mix sweets. However, it quickly became apparent that the real demand from customers was for pick and mix sweets that they could select themselves.

We believe this is because this puts the choice into our customer’s hands to ensure they get exactly the sweets they choose and none go to waste. Selecting your own pick and mix sweets collection means you can pick all of your favourites and then we will package your chosen sweets and dispatch them quickly.

We continue to package in a hygienic environment meaning your pick and mix sweets aren’t touched by other people’s hands like they are in a shop. We also dispatch your pick and mix sweets promptly so you can start enjoying your sweets sooner.

As well as the free personalisation we offer on our premix pouches we also offer it on our pick and mix sweets that you can pick yourself, this can also be combined with our free delivery offer.

As time has passed we have broadened the range of pick and mix sweets so there are even more of your favourites to choose from as well as catering to specific dietary requirements such as Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.

As with all our sweets our pick and mix sweet selection is sourced from premium manufacturers using only sweets specially chosen by us. Your feedback on our reviews continues to be important to us and we are really pleased with the high ratings. Please contact us if you wish us to consider adding any more pick and mix sweets to our range.

We now offer our pick and mix sweets in our giant 4KG Pick and Mix bucket's too. Also, if you are unsure which pick and mix sweets you want or just fancy a surprise. Please use the “surprise me” button as many times as you wish and we will select for you.

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