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4KG Bucket - Pick Your Own - Candy obsession
4KG Bucket - Pick Your Own Sale price£44.99
4KG Bucket - Mixed Mix - Candy obsession
4KG Bucket - Mixed Mix Sale price£44.99
4KG Bucket - Fizzy Mix - Candy obsession
4KG Bucket - Fizzy Mix Sale price£44.99
4KG bucket - Non-Fizzy Mix - Candy obsession
4KG bucket - Non-Fizzy Mix Sale price£44.99
4KG Bucket - Blue Mix - Candy obsession
4KG Bucket - Blue Mix Sale price£44.99
4KG Bucket - Dietary Options - Candy obsession
4KG Bucket - Red Mix - Candy obsession
4KG Bucket - Red Mix Sale price£44.99
4KG Bucket - Green Mix - Candy obsession
4KG Bucket - Green Mix Sale price£44.99

Amazing range of 4kg Sweet Buckets with FREE Delivery

Welcome to Candy Obsession and our amazing choice of 4kg pick and mix buckets. Please see above where you can either select your own (Up to 80 selections) or just select one of our pre-selected combinations for your convenience. Buy online with confidence as we only sell premium quality mix sweets that are freshly packed to order each and every time. Our 4kg ultimate sweet buckets will appeal to sweet lovers who wish to create their own perfect sweet bucket. Choose up to 80 selections from our list above by clicking on the pick your own bucket.

Top reviews ● 5* Hygiene with breakable seal ● Express Delivery ● FREE Personalisation ● Free Delivery

Ideal for many special occasions, such as: Birthday parties, Party Tables, Weddings, Candy buffets, Enjoying with friends, Movie nights, Surprising a friend/loved one or taking on holiday with you.

We are proud to offer an unlimited selection of pick and mix in these huge 4kg tubs of sweets.  This is because, unlike our competitors, we do not limit your selection to 20/30 items. Instead, you can pick up to 80 different sweets in your made to order bucket.  Or just select one of our whopping 4kg pre-selected mixed sweet tubs.  Please note that on these although the sweet tubs are preselected we still pack each bucket made to order, for optimum freshness.  These pre-selected sweet tubs include 4kg mixed pick n mix, 4kg fizzy pick and mix, 4kg non fizzy, 4kg blue and 4kg sweet buckets filled to match dietary requirements too.

Our ultimate sweet buckets are perfect for sweet lovers as your premium resealable bucket will arrive full to the brim with mouth-watering premium sweets from a selection of confectionary classics and modern sweets.  All fresh and juicy as they will have been packed to order straight from our airtight containers into your airtight 4kg sweet tub.

These 4kg tubs of sweets are perfect for the whole family to share whether you are staying at home or are going away for a weekend treat. Imagine your kids' faces if you go away on holiday and pull one of these sweet tubs out!

Free Delivery & Personalisation

Nationwide free delivery with prompt despatch means your mixed sweet tubs will arrive quickly so you can start enjoying your perfect sweet bucket. The whole family will love these and please don’t forget free personalisation is offered on your sweet tub too.

Pictures are indicative and whilst we always aim to supply the mix sweets shown, occasionally we may have to replace a sweet choice with another similar sweet.

Please see our Ingredients/Allergens tab for a full list of the ingredients in all our sweets.

Candy obsession specialises in premium sweets supplied from only premium pick and mix sweet manufacturers.  Delivered straight to your door with high levels of customer satisfaction on trustpilot and google reviews.

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