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Pick Your Own Cables- 10 Cables - Candy obsession
Pick Your Own Cables- 5 Cables - Candy obsession
Giant Fizzy Red and Blue Cable - Candy obsession
Giant Strawberry Cable - Candy obsession
Giant Strawberry Cable Sale price£1.25
Giant Blackcurrant Cable - Candy obsession
Giant Blackcurrant Cable Sale price£1.25
Giant Bubblegum Cable - Candy obsession
Giant Bubblegum Cable Sale price£1.25
Giant Rainbow Cable - Candy obsession
Giant Rainbow Cable Sale price£1.25

Our Selection of Cable Sweets

Premium quality giant cable sweets supplied from only top brands such as Vidal. We offer a choice of 8 different flavoured cables. These include Giant Fizzy Red and Blue /Giant Fizzy Cola/Giant Fizzy Apple/Giant Rainbow/Giant Bubblegum/Giant Blackcurrant and Giant Rhubarb and Custard.

Packaged in a Safe Environment

By ordering Giant Candy Cables online your free delivery will not have been touched by other people’s hands unlike those purchased from the high street.

We keep our Giant Candy Cables in airproof containers and they are only packed as each order is placed, so guaranteeing freshness for you. In addition to this, we supply our 5 and 10 cable sweet pouches in high-quality resealable packaging so once you start to enjoy your treat you can keep it fresh at home.

The 2 foot long Giant Candy Cables we provide are bursting with flavour and extremely satisfying to consume. Candy Obsession's online sweet shop provides the ability to build your own 5 or 10 Cable collection so you can enjoy the exact cables of your choice.

Personalisation of your Cable Pouch

We are able to personalise your pouch as you have ordered the Giant Candy Cables  online. This means that your free delivery will be delivered to your door personalised. This makes it ideal for a sweet treat for special occasions especially if you are ordering this sweet gift for delivery to friends or family.

Free Delivery offer

Giant Candy Cable bags qualify for the free delivery offer so any order over £20 will be delivered to your door for free. Buying sweets online with free delivery and having your sweets delivered in the post guarantees that your sweet delivery will be delivered promptly, heat-sealed and untouched by others. Why not pick and mix your own sweets pouch to ensure you get exactly the Cables of your choosing?

How to order your Sweets and our Cancer research UK donation for each order placed

How to order? Please go to the Candy Obsession website and select the Cable tab. From here please browse our full collection of Pick and Mix Cables and select those you wish to add to your pouch of 5 or 10.

Next, go to the cart and at this point, you can opt to personalise your resealable pouch with a message of your choice in order to put together a unique gift of premium sweets, freshly packed and delivered directly to your door.

Of course, if it is a gift then you can choose any UK address required.  Please remember free delivery on all orders over £20.

We make a donation to our chosen charity Cancer Research UK for each order placed and are really pleased to be able to support their efforts.

Free Delivery of All Orders Over £25

Premium quality, fresh sweets at a low price

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