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Pick n Mix Sweets


Our choice of the freshest pick n mix sweets

Our brands of pick n mix and the individual sweets are listed below

We offer high quality pick n mix sweets provided from premium sweet manufacturers such as Vidal, Kingsway and Haribo with over 85 choices. Including Pinballs, Tongue Painters, Pencils, Bananas, Dolly Mixture, Glow Worms, Cherries, Dolly Mixture, Cherry Cola, Jelly Filled Turtles, Sour Dummies, Paintballs, Strawberries, 3D Hearts, Bear Buddies, Fizzy Bears, Fizzy Snakes, Rainbow Twists, Milkshake Bottles, Meerkats, Raspberry Bonbons, Wine Gums, Jelly beans, Fizzy Strawberries, Maoam Stripes, Milk Bottles, Cola Bottles, Fangs, Fizzy Cola, Shrimps, Fizzy Tongues, Pinkies, Bubblegum Bottles, Peaches, Fried Eggs, Mermaids, Rings, Spinning Tops, Liquorice Allsorts, Rotellas, Jelly Babies, Watermelons, Porky Pigs, Turtles, Black Jacks, Sour Apples, Strawberry Bonbons, Mushrooms, Fizzy Cherries, Kola Cubes, Rhubarb Custards, Snakes, Fruit Salads, Rosey Apples, Black Raspberries, Cola bottles, Heart Throbs, Brains, Dolphins, Fizzy Pencils, Juicy Lips, Chocolate Mice, Gold Bears.

Our commitment to the quality of our pick n mix to ensure the freshest sweets

Face masks, gloves and hair nets and scoops are used too.

We store our pick n mix in sealed containers. Each pouch is picked to order ensuring optimum freshness. Heat sealed and resealable too meaning once you’ve opened and started to consume your sweets you can keep them fresh. By ordering online the pick n mix delivery is packed straight into your pouch so won’t have been touched by many children like a shop. You can enjoy exactly the pick n mix you require by building your own selection from our online sweet shop.

Personalisation – We offer to personalise your pick n mix pouch so you can send to family or friends as a personalised gift.

From our online sweet shop, you can order your pouch personalised. So you personalise your pouch for delivery to your door. Pick n mix delivery is great for Christmas and birthdays to deliver a personalised sweet treat to family or friends.

Pick n mix delivery – Details on our free delivery offer

Any order of pick n mix UK over £20 qualifies for free delivery meaning your order has free delivery to a UK address of your choice.

Having your ultimate pick n mix delivered by post means your sweet delivery will be untouched by others, delivered promptly and sealed for freshness meaning you get all the benefits of buying sweets online. Why not order the sweets of your choice and get them delivered fresh to your door? We also offer vegetarian and other dietary options too.

How to order your pouch from the selection of pick n mix sweets available.

Select the pick your own tab on our website. Select from the sweets and the pouch size required. Please select your options e.g. Cola Bottles after browsing our choice of pick n mix.

Important to note is that the pouch counts as a unit so a 1.5kg pouch with 30 selections will require 31 to complete.

Please go to checkout and choose whether to personalise to make a bespoke gift of fresh sweets delivered to your home in a resealable pouch. Remember you can send as a gift to any UK address to have their gift delivered in the post.  

General Information

We specialise in fresh, premium sweets delivered to your door. As well as delicious 1KG pick and mix we have American sweets, cables and premixed pouches. Pick n mix also goes under other names such as pick a mix, pick and mix, 1KG Pick and Mix and pick yo mix.

We also have Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan options available so all can enjoy the sweets they enjoy. Our customers who buy sweets online provide good feedback on external review sites which we are really pleased about.

A charity close to our heart is Cancer Research UK, we donate 15p from each order placed directly to this charity.

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