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Platter - Red MixPlatter - Red Mix
Platter - Red Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Fizzy MixPlatter - Fizzy Mix
Platter - Fizzy Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Blue MixPlatter - Blue Mix
Platter - Blue Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Mixed MixPlatter - Mixed Mix
Platter - Mixed Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Non-Fizzy MixPlatter - Non-Fizzy Mix
Platter - Non-Fizzy Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Green MixPlatter - Green Mix
Platter - Green Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Mothers Day MixPlatter - Mothers Day Mix
Platter - Mothers Day Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Marshmallow MixPlatter - Marshmallow Mix
Platter - Marshmallow Mix Sale price£21.99
Platter - Easter MixPlatter - Easter Mix
Platter - Easter Mix Sale price£21.99

We are excited to offer a range of sweet platters that are packed fresh to order with your favourite sweets. You can choose from:-

  • Sweet platter filled with red pick n mix
  • Sweet platter filled with blue pick n mix
  • Sweet platter filled with marshmallow mix
  • Sweet platter filled with blue pick n mix
  • Sweet platter filled with green pick n mix
  • Sweet platter filled with chocolate pick n mix
  • Mothers day/Easter sweet platters
  • Fizzy sweet platter
  • Non fizzy sweet platter
  • Mixed sweet platter (A combination of fizzy and non fizzy sweets)

Premium Quality Sweet Trays & Platters

We source only premium quality platters and these are packed full with only premium quality pick and mix.  Every platter is packed fresh to order and only using gloves, hair nets and scoops.

Candy Obsession specialises in sourcing sweets from pick and mix manufacturers and carefully selecting only the best-tasting ones.  Unlike our competitors, we do not pre-mix as we feel this impacts the quality of the sweets as they begin to deteriorate.  Instead, we keep each type of sweet separate in air-tight containers and only mix when the order is placed so guaranteeing you optimum freshness.

We have many happy customers who order from us time and time again.  Please take a look at our reviews.

We aim to dispatch all orders promptly so you can enjoy your sweets delivered quickly directly to your door.


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