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Marshmallow Mix - Candy obsessionMarshmallow Mix - Candy obsession
Marshmallow Mix Sale priceFrom £4.50
Fizzy Mix - Candy obsessionFizzy Mix - Candy obsession
Fizzy Mix Sale priceFrom £7.49
Non-Fizzy Mix - Candy obsessionNon-Fizzy Mix - Candy obsession
Non-Fizzy Mix Sale priceFrom £7.49
Mixed Mix - Candy obsessionMixed Mix - Candy obsession
Mixed Mix Sale priceFrom £7.49
Halal Mix - Candy obsession
Halal Mix Sale priceFrom £7.49
Blue MixBlue Mix - Candy obsession
Blue Mix Sale priceFrom £7.49
Green Mix - Candy obsessionGreen Mix - Candy obsession
Green Mix Sale priceFrom £7.49
Red Mix - Candy obsessionRed Mix - Candy obsession
Red Mix Sale priceFrom £7.49

What sweet pouches do we sell?

We only supply sweets from premium manufactures such as Haribo and Kingsway. The following selections remove the need for you to have to choose each sweet yourself as they are preselected:- Fizzy mix, Non Fizzy mix, Mixed Mix, Vegan Mix, Halal mix, Chocolate mix, Blue mix, Fruit mix.

Your sweet pouch will be delivered in resealable packaging that has also been heat-sealed so once you start to eat your pick n mix you can keep your sweets fresh for later too. By supplying online sweet pouches from our sweet shop you can choose for convenience one of our pouches listed above or of course, you can build your own pick and mix by visiting the pick and mix page. Read about our free delivery offer below.


How we pack your sweet pouch safely and maintain optimum freshness of our sweets.

We use masks, gloves, scoops and hair nets when packing our sweets. We also keep all sweets in airtight containers and only open these as each batch of premixed pouches are made up so guaranteeing the optimum freshness of our sweets for our customers, which end up in your pouch of sweets.

Personalisation of your pouch making it ideal for a gift of sweets

Your sweet pouch ordered from our online sweet shop are customisable, meaning that you personalise your pouch with a sticker that will be placed onto the pouch. E.g. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your sweets! This sweet treat or sweet gift then becomes ideal as a gift for special occasions such as Birthdays for friends and family.

Your sweet pouch also qualifies for our free delivery offer

Your UK sweet pouch qualifies for the free delivery offer so any order of sweets from our website of over £20 receives free delivery to your or your friend's door. Buying sweets online and having your ultimate sweet pouch delivered with free delivery by post means that your sweet delivery will be untouched by others, heat-sealed for freshness and delivered quickly.

General information about our premixed sweets

We receive positive feedback from our customers and have many repeat customers too. They enjoy the chance to buy sweets online so keep coming back, especially with our free delivery offer too. Our belief is that if you order from Candy Obsession you will be pleased. For every order placed we also make a donation to Cancer Research UK so they can continue their valued research.

How to order your sweets

How do I order my sweets? Please go to the Candy Obsession website and choose the Pre Mixed tab. From here please browse our full collection of Sweet pouches and select the Sweet pouch size you require. E.g. Sweet pouches 1kg. From here then please browse our Sweet pouches choice and click on your options. Then proceed to cart and at this point, you can personalise your resealable pouch with a message of your choice to make a unique gift of pick and mix, personalised and delivered directly to your door. Alternatively, if buying as a gift please remember you can get your gift of sweets delivered in the post straight to any UK address of your choosing, combining with our free delivery sweets offer.

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