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Vegan Pick Your Own Mix 500g - Candy obsession
Vegan Pick Your Own Mix 1KG - Candy obsession
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Candy Obsession's selection of vegan pick and mix

We supply premium quality vegan pick and mix sweets sourced from premium vegan sweet manufacturers such as Haribo and Kingsway. We offer a choice of 9 different flavours of vegan pick and mix. These include Fizzy Cherries, Cherry Cola, Fizzy Strawberries, Sour Apples, Sour Dummies, Fizzy Tongues, Tongue Painters, Meerkats and Mermaids.

We commit to quality to keep our vegan pick and mix fresh and we package in a safe manner

By ordering your vegan pick and mix online your chosen vegan sweets delivery will not have been handled by human hands, unlike vegan pick and mix from the high street. Our online vegan pick and mix sweet shop gives the option to build your own collection so you can purchase the pick and mix you wish. Our vegan sweets are kept in air sealed containers and only packed once each order is received, so guaranteeing optimum freshness. We only use quality premium resealable pouches so you can enjoy your pick and mix a little bit at a time and still keep it fresh over a period of time. Gloves, hairnets and masks are worn when packing and scoops are used to pack your chosen sweets.  We also sell gluten free pick n mix.

Free personalisation of your personal vegan pouch

At Candy Obsession online sweet shop you can personalise your selected vegan sweet pouch so your vegan sweets will be delivered straight to your door in a personalised mix bag with a message of your choice. This sweet treat will then be dispatched as a sweet gift for family/friends or why not treat yourself to some fresh pick and mix?

How to order your vegan pick and mix from Candy Obsession

Wanting to order and build your personal vegan pick and mix bag? Please go on the Candy Obsession site and select the Vegan pick and mix tab. Then please browse the full collection of Vegan pick and mix and select the vegan pick and mix order size you require. E.g. Vegan pick and mix 1kg. Then please browse our vegan pick and mix choice and select your personal options (Please note that the sweet pouch is selected as 1 unit automatically so a 1kg vegan pick and mix pouch with 20 selections will show 21 items I.e. The pouch + your 20 vegan pick and mix sweets) After this proceed to cart and at this point you can personalise your resealable pouch with any message of your choosing, making a unique gift of vegan pick and mix, freshly packaged and delivered straight to your door. Alternatively, when buying as a gift please remember you can always get your pick and mix sweets delivered in the post directly to any UK address you choose.

Delivery offer on your vegan pick and mix sweets

Vegan pick and mix UK bags do qualify for our unique free delivery offer where any order from our website of £12 and over will qualify for free delivery straight to your door or an address of your choice. Buying vegan sweets online and having your ultimate vegan pick and mix delivered in the post means that your chosen personal sweet delivery will be delivered promptly, untouched by others and sealed for guaranteed freshness.

Our customer feedback and Cancer Research UK donation

We are always happy our customers provide positive feedback and we have many regular customers who enjoy the opportunity to buy sweets online time and time again. Our belief is that if you order from Candy Obsession you won't be disappointed as we try to package fresh premium vegan sweets and deliver them quickly. We also donate to Cancer Research UK for each order placed to support the fantastic work that they do.

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