Corporate Sweets

Why buy corporate sweets?

Corporate sweets are perfect as an alternative gift, whether that be for your suppliers, customers or as a thank you for your loyal employees.  They make a unique gift as they can be customised in many ways:-

  • Employees - Why not say thank you and put a smile on the face of your employees by providing our corporate branded sweets. We can personalise each pouch with a personal thank you message and if you wish deliver individual pouches of sweets directly to each employee’s door.
  • Suppliers – We can send branded sweets to your suppliers with either a message created by ourselves or alternatively you provide a sticker of your own brand which we will apply to each finalised pouch.
  • Customers – Why not provide a fun sweet gift that is a little different? Our corporate sweet gifts mean that your customers will receive promotional branded sweets that link a unique gift with reminding them of your brand.

Brand alignment is key and on top of the personalisation of the pouch we are also more than happy to wrap the sweet pouches in tissue paper in a choice of colours and advise on sweet colour combinations that match your brand.  We are also happy to source specific sweets if we do not currently stock them.

Why choose Candy obsession for your corporate pick and mix sweets

Candy obsession only supplies premium quality sweets and our feedback on our customer reviews is extremely high. We also carefully stock a range that includes nostalgic classics as well as the latest modern sweets. Our sweet business is setup to provide personalised sweet gifts so we are ideally placed to provide branded promotional sweets. We can provide these promotional sweets with logos in a timely and efficient manner, taking all the hassle out of this unique sweet gift so all you have to do is place the order and sit back.

How do I order?

Please complete the form below. As covered above we can source and provide a huge range of sweets.  We can provide these prepacked and branded in resealable, heat sealed pouches, platters or buckets. Please reach out to us though as we are extremely open to other suggestions you may have and will fully customise to meet your needs.

Ordering from Candy Obsession will mean your branded sweets will be delivered on a date and location of your choosing. Your personalised sweets will look the part and put a smile on the face of your employees, suppliers or customers. HERE

We are happy to help with all your corporate sweet requirements and our personalised sweets will be a sweet treat for whoever you provide them too.  Branded food and other sweet confectionary always brings a smile to peoples faces. Our range of promotional sweets includes retro sweets such as jelly beans as well as custom sweets and modern sweets too.

Candy Obsession prides itself on keeping all our sweets fresh in sealed containers and only packing orders as they are received with no pre filled pouches.  This means that your sweets will have been packed straight from the wholesale containers guaranteeing optimum freshness.  We also pack using gloves and hairnets to ensure no contamination occurs.

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