Fizzy Mix

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Selection of our favorite fizzy sweets.

Sour Dummies - Visually bright and fun to eat, the Kingsway sour dummies are the perfect pick and mix treat!

Melon Slices - Sweets shaped like food are always a popular choice and Melon Slices are no exception.

Watermelon's - Our Watermelon Jelly Sweets are one of our most popular sweets in our pick and mix range.

Paintballs - Our Pink Paintball Marshmallows are deliciously soft marshmallows with a sweet sugar coating.

Sour Snakes - Eat them in one bite or two? Fizzy Jelly Snakes add colour and fun to your sweet display.

Sour Apples - Bursting with fruit flavour and covered with a fizzy sugar coating, these delicious sweets are a perfect addition to your pick and mix.

Peaches - Juicy peach shaped fizzy jelly sweets with a peachy flavour.

Bubblegum Bottles - Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles are always a popular choice in any pick and mix, they are one of our bestsellers.

Glow Worms - Soft to eat, sugar coated and fruit flavoured, Glow Worms are always a hit with younger children who enjoy eating animal themed sweets.

Fizzy Strawberries - Fizzy Strawberry sweets are a sure winner, such is the British public's love of that vibrant red summer fruit.

Fizzy Cola Bottles - Retaining their popularity over many years, they remain a first choice today and are one of our best selling sweets. Combining fizzy taste with a fun shape, Fizzy Cola Bottles will always be a hit.

Cherry Cola Bottles - Just like the classic fizzy cola bottles just with a hint of cherry aswell.

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