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Mixed Mix

Mixed Mix

Mixed Mix

Regular price £6.99

Selection of our favourite sweets both fizzy and non-fizzy.

Swirly Fish - Along with a solid hue, each gummy fish is also adorned in eye-catching white swirls that wrap around it from head to tail. Every bite is super chewy and oh so sweet so you get everything you love in a gummy treat!

Meerkats - We just love our Meerkat Sweets and they have proved to be an extremely popular choice.

Brains - A fruity gummy exterior containing a delicious layer of soft strawberry jelly.

Sour Dummies - Visually bright and fun to eat, the Kingsway sour dummies are the perfect pick and mix treat!

Melon Slices - Sweets shaped like food are always a popular choice and Melon Slices are no exception.

Watermelon's - Our Watermelon Jelly Sweets are one of our most popular sweets in our pick and mix range.

Paintballs - Our Pink Paintball Marshmallows are deliciously soft marshmallows with a sweet sugar coating.

Sour Snakes - Eat them in one bite or two? Fizzy Jelly Snakes add colour and fun to your sweet display.

Dracula Teeth - Big fangs like Dracula had, except his weren't fizzy, at least not in any of the Dracula films we have seen!!

Sour Apples - Bursting with fruit flavour and covered with a fizzy sugar coating, these delicious sweets are a perfect addition to your pick and mix.

Peaches - Juicy peach shaped fizzy jelly sweets with a peachy flavour.

Bubblegum Bottles - Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles are always a popular choice in any pick and mix, they are one of our bestsellers.

Glow Worms - Soft to eat, sugar coated and fruit flavoured, Glow Worms are always a hit with younger children who enjoy eating animal themed sweets.

Fizzy Strawberries - Fizzy Strawberry sweets are a sure winner, such is the British public's love of that vibrant red summer fruit.

Fizzy Cola Bottles - Retaining their popularity over many years, they remain a first choice today and are one of our best selling sweets. Combining fizzy taste with a fun shape, Fizzy Cola Bottles will always be a hit.

Cherry Cola Bottles - Just like the classic fizzy cola bottles just with a hint of cherry aswell.

Watermelon Slices - These flavourful watermelon slices are a fun and colourful addition to your pick and mix delivery.

Rainbow Pencils - Soft and chewy, these assorted fruit flavour sweets have a soft fondant centre, encased around vibrant red, yellow, blue and green.

Strawberries and Creams - Strawberry and cream is always a popular flavour combination. Strawberry & Creams have a foam bottom and a gummy top in the shape of a strawberry.

Jelly Filled Strawberries - Delicious strawberry shaped sweets with a soft jelly middle, these Jelly Filled Strawberries are hard to resist.

Heart Throbs - Heart Throbs are a popular sweet with both adults and children alike.

Cherries - Shaped as two delicious cherries, these sweets offer a vibrant colour and the taste is just as reassuring!

Strawberry Kisses - Our Strawberry Twist Kisses are perfectly shaped jelly sweets with a scrumptious strawberry and cream flavour.

Tongue Painters - Tongue Painters are delicious fruit flavour gummies in the shape of paint brush. Even better, they paint your tongue as you eat them!

Rhubarb Custards - These Rhubarb and Custard sweets are not like the traditional hard boiled ones, being softer to eat and perhaps a more contemporary idea. Just as delicious though.

Bear Buddies - Gummy bears joined by the paw, one sweet and one sour.

Dolphins - Little baby dolphin sweets that taste of fruit, a perfect addition to your pick and mix delivery.


Best sweets ever!!!!! They are amazing and will definitely be buying again


Absolutely delicious and great service with a great selection of fresh sweets


Premium quality, fresh sweets at a low price