Non-Fizzy Mix

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Weight: 500g


Selection of our favorite non-fizzy sweets.

Brains - A fruity gummy exterior containing a delicious layer of soft strawberry jelly. 

Jelly Filled Strawberries - Delicious strawberry shaped sweets with a soft jelly middle, these Jelly Filled Strawberries are hard to resist.

Heart Throbs - Heart Throbs are a popular sweet with both adults and children alike.

Cherries - Shaped as two delicious cherries, these sweets offer a vibrant colour and the taste is just as reassuring!

Tongue Painters - Tongue Painters are delicious fruit flavour gummies in the shape of paint brush. Even better, they paint your tongue as you eat them!

Rhubarb Custards - These Rhubarb and Custard sweets are not like the traditional hard boiled ones, being softer to eat and perhaps a more contemporary idea. Just as delicious though.

Dolphins - Little baby dolphin sweets that taste of fruit, a perfect addition to your pick n mix delivery.

Strawberries - strawberry flavoured gummy sweets.

Pencils - Fondant filled strawberry bites.

Jelly Pizzas - Pizza shaped gummy with a jelly centre.



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