Vegan Mix

Vegan Mix - Candy obsession

Vegan Mix

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A mix of:

Mermaids - Delicious bubblegum flavour gummy sweets in the shape of a mermaid!

Cherries - Shaped as two delicious cherries, these sweets offer a vibrant colour and the taste is just as reassuring!

Fizzy Bears - Children love all things bear and these Fizzy Teddy Bears certainly fit the list.

Sour Dummies - Visually bright and fun to eat, the Kingsway sour dummies are the perfect pick and mix treat!

Sour Tongues - Fruit and cola flavoured fizzy sweets.

Cola Bottles - Generations of youngsters have enjoyed this sweet and this continues to be the case today.

Tongue Painters - Tongue Painters are delicious fruit flavour gummies in the shape of paint brush. Even better, they paint your tongue as you eat them!


Best sweets ever!!!!! They are amazing and will definitely be buying again


Absolutely delicious and great service with a great selection of fresh sweets


Premium quality, fresh sweets at a low price